Pride of the Yankees

The Yankees are fixable, but are they too stubborn or too prideful to admit it?

“Once more into the breach, dear friends.” The old Shakespearean saying is apropos to these old Yanks. The feeling heading into the 2016 season wasn’t much of a feeling at all. Numbness from counting the years until contracts expire, and soon-to-be free agents hit the market was prevalent in Spring Training and travelled up north to the Bronx.

The writing on the wall for this chapter of New York Yankees futility is painfully obvious.

They can dump.

They should dump.

But they wont.

Admitting failure is tough in a market that’s built on it’s tough exterior.  Yet these Yankees, similar to the past 6 teams before them, are offensively offensive when it counts. More so, they’ve forgotten they need 1 winning offensive identity.

Either .OBP or .OPS. Instead, they’re .OUT.

The best word to describe the 2016 New York Yankees situation is locked.

Locked into contracts.

Locked into front office personalities.

Locked into expectations of never giving in.

That’s a lot of locks. Where are the keys? If the 2017 New York Yankees are going to survive past June, they’ll need the 2016 team to admit it’s ok to live to fight another day and shed some of these parts for a better tomorrow.

New York Yankees

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