Pitchers Punishments’ Should be Harsher

Suspending the Royals  Yordano Ventura nine games and the Orioles Manny Machado four games makes absolutely no sense.  Pitchers play every fifth day, whereas, a position player plays every day.  So, in a sense, Ventura will miss fewer games than the person he hit.  That’s illogical.

To avoid another scene like the one in Baltimore, the MLB should strengthen the penalties levied against pitchers involved in beanball wars.  Pitchers suspensions should be based on starts not games.  Under the current structure, there is not enough of a deterrent to stop intentional beanings.

A mid-90’s fastball that hits a batter in the wrong spot is a deadly weapon.  The only person that knows where it’s going, theoretically, is the pitcher.  They control what happens out on the diamond.  Bench clearing brawls will continue until pitchers miss two weeks to a month; not a week. If pitchers are  looking at a two-week or one-month absence from their team.  They might think a little hard about throwing inside on purpose.  Managers might deter their pitchers from hitting batters on purpose if they knew their starter or reliever could miss a few weeks.  They’re too valuable.

The sport of baseball has so much young talent right now, but every couple weeks there is another pitcher vs.  batter altercation leading the nightly highlight shows.    This MMA-like culture in baseball  overshadows how much young talent there is in the game today.  This needs to stop.  MLB must step to the plate and send a message.


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