What to do with Yordano Ventura?

Oftentimes in sports, the most talented players can be the most difficult (looking at you, Barry Bonds, Terrell Owens, Dennis Rodman, etc.). The Royals seem to have found themselves in that situation with young righty Yordano Ventura.

Long-regarded as a superstar in the making, Ventura debuted in 2013 then burst onto the scene in 2014, pitching to a 3.20 ERA over 183.0 innings. The following season, he helped propel KC to their first World Series since 1985.

However, despite his on-field success, Ventura has developed a reputation as childish. In his most recent display of immaturity, Ventura threw two brush-back pitches to Baltimore’s Manny Machado in the second inning before drilling him in the ribs with a 99 mph fastball in the fifth.

Machado (also known for his willingness to tangle with the opposition), then charged the mound and a full-on brawl took place.

While this will undoubtedly lead to suspensions for both parties involved (and probably a few others), this is not the first time Ventura’s actions have lead to such an incident. Some, like Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan, have reported that Ventura’s prolonged immaturity issues have lead many on the team to question if he will ever develop into the frontline ace he could be.

Given his character struggles, do you think the Royals should try to trade Ventura? Would they be wasting his prime or getting value for him before his stock craters entirely?

Scott Ferris is a diehard Braves fan trying to smile through the pain this season. He lives in Philadelphia and once followed Mike Piazza around a Whole Foods. You can find his writing here on MLB.Vote, where he promises to say at least one good thing about the Mets.

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