Cubs Refuse to Allow Base Runners


Look at that picture. What do you see?

No, I don’t mean look at how dominant Kershaw has been.

No, I don’t mean look at how unsettlingly white John Lackey’s teeth are.

I mean, that is 80% of the Cubs’ pitching staff on the leaderboard. All with WHIPs under 1.00. When I first saw that graphic, Kershaw’s blue hat blended in and I thought those might be team leaders (for what it’s worth, the fifth Cubs starter, Jason Hammel, comes in at number 23 with a WHIP of 1.11).

People like to throw around the term “video game numbers” anytime a player does something superlative. In a small sample size, it isn’t too unrealistic to see a guy put up massive and unsustainable statistics. What is unrealistic is to see an entire pitching staff worthy of that label.

The world is going to be flooded with many, many more posts about just how great the Cubs have been this season. I’m sorry to add one more to the long and growing list. Enjoy this season, Chicago. You’ve earned it.

Scott Ferris is a diehard Braves fan trying to smile through the pain this season. He lives in Philadelphia and once followed Mike Piazza around a Whole Foods. You can find his writing here on MLB.Vote, where he promises to say at least one good thing about the Mets.

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