Anderson and Eaton Key for Consistency

Through the first 66 games, the Chicago White Sox season has felt like an amusement park ride full of ups and downs. The White Sox started 23-10, followed by a 10-23 stretch.  There are signs that the roller-coaster ride might be stopping.  The  Sox offense scored 23 runs in a series victory against the Detroit Tigers.

The duo of rookie shortstop Tim Anderson and outfielder Adam Eaton clearly was the catalyst against Detroit.  They combined for 14 hits and scored eight runs in the Tigers’ series. This was the first three games the pair followed one another in the batting order, since Anderson’s call up from AAA Charlotte on Friday.  This move might be what the embattled manager Robin Ventura uses to help save his job.

The White Sox lineup with Anderson at the top, followed by Eaton, has the potential to be exactly what the struggling offense needs.  If the table setters continue to get on base, like they did in the Tigers series, the White Sox run producers of  Jose Abreu and Todd Frazier could make this lineup a whole lot deeper and scarier looking.  Also, a lineup capable of producing five or six runs a game consistently would decrease the pressure on the pitching staff.  They might relax knowing that if they give up two or three runs they’re still okay in any particular game.

This upcoming road trip against the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox, who both are tied for first in their respective divisions, will show us whether or not the Tigers series was a blip on the radar screen or the start of a new trend.


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