Commissioner Manfred Leaves Hope for Vegas Expansion

With the NHL officially expanding to Las Vegas, rumors have swirled about other professional leagues following suit. Earlier today (Tuesday, June 21st), during an interview with YES Network’s Michael Kay, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred gave Nevadans hope for a pro-baseball franchise.

When asked about the prospect of having a team there, Manfred stated that the presence of casinos was not a concern when it came to selecting a new market. Previously, some thought that Vegas’ association with gambling would make the MLB hesitant to target the city. The commissioner quashed those concerns, calling the city a “viable alternative.”

Las Vegas is the 28th largest U.S. city and a colossal tourist destination. Some have expressed concern that with so many competing outlets for Vegas entertainment, professional sports may not be able to survive. Regardless, it seems that Manfred has not written it off as a potential location for Major League Baseball.

Scott Ferris is a diehard Braves fan trying to smile through the pain this season. He lives in Philadelphia and once followed Mike Piazza around a Whole Foods. You can find his writing here on MLB.Vote, where he promises to say at least one good thing about the Mets.

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