Cubs Should Go After Another Bat

The recent acquisition of closer Aroldis Chapman from the New York Yankees shows that the Cubs front office is going all in to try and win the World Series this year.   In a trade with the Yankees, Chicago gave up two of their top five minor-league prospects: shortstop Gleyber Torres, outfielder Billy McKinney, and two other players.  The only problem is that the Chapmam acquisition cannot be their last trade before the August 1 trade deadline.

In order to truly make them the favorite to end the 108 year championship drought, they need to go out and acquire another outfielder to lengthen their lineup.  As the season has gone on, the absence of slugger Kyle Schwarber has become more and more apparent.  Also, free agent acquisition Jason Heyward has been a disappointment at the plate, with a .228 average with only  4  home runs and 28 RBI’s. Outfielder/Catcher Wilson Contreras has been a nice surprise this season, hitting .282 with 5 home runs and 16 RBI’s since debuting in mid-June.  Relying on a rookie to be such an important contributor will be their downfall come October once again.

Giving up one or two more young prospects to get a guy like the Oakland A’s Josh Reddick could really put the Cubs in the driver’s seat to get to the World Series.  Reddick is hitting .292,  with 7 home runs and 27 RBI’s so far in 2016.  Reddick would most likely, if acquired, play left field, a position that has been a revolving door since  Schwarber’s injury in April.  As the games get more important, they are going to have to have a natural outfielder playing that position.  He would also give the lineup more depth as they hit the stretch run, and protects them if any key injuries happen.

Without the acquisition of another outfielder, this dream 2016 season will end in a nightmare for all of Cubs Nation.  The agonizing drought will continue.


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