Sanchez Could Lead Next Wave of Yankee Talent

When the New York Yankees traded Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman at the trading deadline last month, some people had a hard time believing that the Yankees were giving up on the season by giving away their top two relief pitchers. But, about a month later, it has become clear that the Yankees made the right decision.

Trading Chapman and Miller has allowed  New York to begin to see their next wave of young talent perform on the major-league level. One of those  Young players is catcher Gary Sanchez. Sanchez has shown that he is someone  the Yankees can build around for the future.  He has 11 home runs and 21 RBIs in about a month in the majors. The trades also allowed New York to restock their farm system by  acquiring some other organizations’ top prospects for the  duo:   Clint Frazier  from the Cleveland Indians and Gleyber Torres from the Chicago Cubs.

Sanchez ‘s  success should show skeptical Yankees fans that  allowing young players  to grow  at the major-league level is the right thing to do even though it may be foreign to the Yankees organization. This formula is how teams like the Chicago Cubs  operated during their total rebuild a few years ago and look where they are now–the best team in baseball . The Yankees have built up enough equity with their fans over the years that true Yankee fans will be patient enough and allow the young kids to grow into successful major  leaguers.

Even though the Yankees are  currently 3.5 games out of the last wild card spot and the playoffs appear to be a longshot, their future appears to be very bright, thanks to all the young talent in the pipeline.


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