Rosters in September Need to be at 25

After watching a few weeks of September baseball games, something has become crystal-clear. It is time that the tradition of expanding the rosters to 40 players  in the last month of the season has to change . It doesn’t seem right that games in the most important month of the season are played under different rules than the other five months.

Having your prospects from the AAA level come up and play some games in the majors makes sense, because teams out of contention will want to see what up-and-coming young talent they have in the pipeline . Teams are not required to have 40 guys on their roster.  That is just the maximum allowed in September.  This current structure penalizes the teams that are fighting for playoff spots, because if they are playing a team that is out of contention, their opponents might have more players than they do.  The team that has nothing to play for is more willing than a contending team to put  their young players on the field.

To avoid situations where teams might have a few  more players than their opponents, it seems like expanding the rosters to 40 should happen in April instead of September. This way, teams  that have players with nagging injuries wouldn’t be forced to put them on the disabled list. They could just have one of their minor leaguers fill in until they are healed.  The minor league season could run from May through September, which would allow for the MLB playoff  races to be unaffected by minor-league players. The most important games would  be played with the same number of guys on a roster, the way the 10 tickets to the playoffs should be decided.


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