Trade Quintana Now, Not at Deadline

After the White Sox December trade of Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox, it was presumed that Jose Quintana would be next. Despite being linked to at least five teams, Quintana is still on the South Side of Chicago. The newest team to have reported interest is the Texas Rangers, according to a USA Today sports story yesterday.

If White Sox executives are serious about moving him, they need to do it  as quickly as possible to  maximize what they can get in return.  In theory, right now Quintana’s market is all 29 other teams in Major League Baseball.  Before Spring Training, more teams believe that if they acquire a solid left-handed pitcher they  might be able to contend this year. If you wait until the trade deadline, only one or two teams might have interest in him to put their teams over the top, limiting what you might get for him.

The trading of Chris Sale clearly illustrated that the White Sox organization is  trying to get younger, so trading Quintana is the logical next shoe to drop.  His 46-46 career record with a 3.41 ERA, despite routinely getting no run support from the anemic White Sox offense,  shows why the White Sox might be reluctant to trade him, but it is clear that other teams value him so the White Sox can’t be too picky. Pitchers’  arms are fragile and if, during this season he gets hurt and the White Sox have kept him, he will have no value to them or the other teams in MLB.

So trade him now. It’s time the White Sox dive in, not just stick their toe in the water on this rebuild.

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